Hello. My name is Val Jean and I have a deep rooted passion for food I would love to share with you.

Growing up I would stalk my late mother throughout the kitchen while she cooked due to my love for food. However, I learned the art of cooking while watching and eventually helping my mother prepare meals for our family everyday. She not only gave me her middle name,  Jean, but also gifted me her love and skill for cooking. That is the origin of the name Daughter Jean.

After graduating from a four-year university and working in a field I did not enjoy, I made a decision to take control of my own happiness. I enrolled in a local college to study culinary and pastry arts. Afterwards, I transferred to a nearby university and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition in Business and Industry.

Welcome to the space where I share my creativity, culture, entertaining tips, and fondness for all things food. Hopefully, I inspire cooks of all levels to prepare meals they can enjoy alone or with family and friends.