Welcome Beautiful People!

Hello there! Welcome to the Daughter Jean section of the internet! My name is Val Jean and “I am very happy to be here!” That is a little “Coming to America” humor I quoted there but I am very excited you decided to stop by!

I decided to start sharing my food creations, knowledge, and adventures to inspire others to cook and push myself to be more creative. Prayerfully, I am able to inspire cooks of all levels to create meals they can enjoy alone or with family and friends.

My first introduction to cooking was my late mother. She not only gave me her middle name, Jean, but also gifted me her love and skill for crafting delicious food. That is the origin of the name Daughter Jean. I remember watching every move she made while she cooked for our family and how much love she put into it. I actually was just a greedy kid ready to eat but I quickly gained a fascination with the process of creating the meals. Through watching and learning all of the steps of preparing meals for our family I learned everything in life, not only food, is a process. The work comes before the reward so you might as well enjoy yourself throughout the journey! Some drink champagne but I drink sweet tea or orange juice out of champagne glasses! Am I the only one?! 

After graduating from a four-year university and working in a field I did not enjoy, I made a decision to take control of my own happiness. I enrolled in a local college to study culinary and pastry arts. Afterwards, I transferred to a nearby university and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition in Business and Industry. The moral of the story is to put your time and efforts into your natural talents and passions versus doing what you think will make everyone else happy. With that being said, I am looking forward to sharing all of my food knowledge and experiences with you!

Thank you for taking time to visit and read my story! Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr so that you may continue to stay in the know. Please come back again because I have a lot in store for you here! 

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